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Words from Grand Master Villari

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Words from Grand Master Villari


"There is no magic to the martial arts"

     but what sometimes seems magical to me is the transformation of people that make up the martial arts. Through the years I have seen hundreds of people go from unhealthy to healthy, overweight to slim, weak and slow to strong and fast, frightened to confident, and shy to outgoing, all because they latched onto the martial arts and learned its discipline. The martial arts are certainly no cure all, but for many peaple they are a funnel into which they can channel all the ways in which they want to improve themselves. and, a vehicle for building better minds, better bodies, and better spirits. Perhaps you are one of those people.

     As you continue training in the martial arts, always keep in mind that the mental and physical principles are equally important. I have seen many potentially skillful fighters whose abilities never developed because they gave to much weight to one aspect of the arts and disreguarded the other. Also as you grow in the arts, be open minded and humble. We certainly must be thankful to the precious knowledge that the ancient masters have passed on to us, and use that knowledge for good purpose. And, also as you progress, remember to search deeply within your own mind, for that is where you will find some of the greatest secrets of the fighting arts.

"Remember it is bad for one to fight with another, but it is worse to fight and lose!"
                                                                 -Frederick J. Villari-
                                                  Grand Master-10th degree black belt

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