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The Art Of Living Program

Inner chi Tai chi Taoist yoga (Chi kung) is mindfulness and awareness training from Tibetan teachings and the Shaolin monks for the purpose of health cultivation, clear thinking and peace of mind in everyday life.

By learning beneficial body movements in a certain sequence with a relaxed open focus of awareness, you will balance and harmonize the energy systems of the body/mind to put more years in your life and more life in your years. Inner chi, Art of living programs, is a non religious method of self improvement.
The principals of the exercises contained within the program was first made public by the"yellow emperor" in 2783 B.C..What was true then is still true today, in basic terms of quality and quantity of life issues. By learning to activate the"thinking intelligence" we experience life as a flow rather than a struggle. The exercises gently guide us to expanded potential in any area of body, mind or emotion by disolving (any and all) blocks through relaxation and the practice of mindfulness in everyday life.
Now these practical teachings are available to you and the benefits can be brought into all aspects of your life. Results are assured.  

Given harmony, the body knows how to balance itself!

Inner chi is a method of presenting the benefits of experiencing Tai chi and Chi kung. The mind is tuned to open focus as the body is balanced and prepared the the increase of chi flow. The result is harmony of thoughts, feelings and actions for health cultivation, clear thinking, and peace of mind.

These exercises will put more years in your life and more life in your years!
                                                                                      - The Yellow Emperor-


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